Ludum Dare 44 - Your life is currency

An epic whodunnit murder mystery game! Enter Mr. Dollarby’s Mansion and watch in fear as you are thrust into the middle of a twisted competition where people’s lives make up the prize.
Control the razor-sharp Pearl Grey as she explores the mansion in a full day-by-day progression system with dynamic character dialogue. The more clues you find, the more new mysteries will surface, the more questions will arise. Can you solve the murder of Mr. Dollarby’s Mansion and face the ultimate question - How much is your life really worth?

This is Rock Bottom's second submission to a Gamejam. We hope you have as much fun playing this as we did making it. 

W,A,S,D = Move
Enter/Return = Check/Talk/Open/Pick up item


Download 39 MB


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I'm really enjoying it! I'm just a little stuck/confused. Mr.Mars has just died. I've checked all the rooms and talked to everyone I can find, and tried to interact with all objects, but I can't seem to find a way to progress???

Re-check Mr. Mar's bed and the to room directly next to Mr. Mar's. Theres one thing on the bed and two things you need to look at in the room, ones an item to be picked up the other is the broken glass. 

Love it